Blair Candy Nostalgia

Posted by Rhonda on Jun 22, 2010

Blair Candy, a wholesale candy distributor located just a few blocks away from where I live, just sent out a Tweet asking for a little blog love.  Well since I was in here anyway, updating to WP 3.0 — which is amazing btw, I thought it might be time to make a new post.  This blog was never really intended to be anything but a way for old friends to track me down but since I turn 40 tomorrow and I guess doing so makes one reflect a little on our lives it is somewhat fitting that I give a little shout out to Blair Candy as I got my entrepreneurial start with them.

Yes, I was one of those kids who use to buy candy in bulk and then sell it a piece at a time during the school day, much to the dismay of my teachers, to earn a little spending money.  My best money maker was gum balls.  The candy I miss the most is the Looney Egg — which for some reason is no longer sold {SIGH}.  I feel bad that kids today are no longer allowed to earn money this way.  Candy sales are credited as the way many business owners got their start in and love of business.  Sadly our economy will suffer even more now that this entrepreneur launching pad becomes extinct.

Now on to something important… If any of the powers that be at Blair Candy actually reads this post your website really needs some major changes done to make it more effective.  And the site also needs a mobile version ASAP because it scores very badly.  Try pulling up your website on an iphone and see what it looks like.  If you are making people scroll all over your website you are losing business!  (If you need some help in that area let me know.)

For everyone else:

Website designers know how to make “pretty” websites but what you really need is a website that converts.  Sometimes even the smallest change on a website can have a huge impact on the bottom line.  Unfortunately I see websites all the time that do nothing but suck money from a business and never bring in customers.  Web designers know design, they are not marketing experts.  So if your website isn’t producing the results you expected, contact an internet marketing consultant and find out why!

Your website MUST MUST MUST be on the first page of Google for whatever terms/phrases someone would use to locate your business.  If you are not sure what those terms and phrases are it is vital that you find out.  Being ranked for your business name is great but the people searching for your website by business name already know about you.  What about the new people moving into town who are looking for various businesses and service providers – are they going to be able to find you???  If they aren’t finding you then they are finding your competitors!!!

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Hey, quality write-up. I am a bigtime candy fan and thought you’d appreciate this – I recently sampled Coconut M&M’s last week – They are insanely amazing! You have to try them! Anyway, nice site – I’m subscribed to your feed now so thanks again!

August 14th, 2010 | 6:59 AM
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